4-Box Model

Do You Master the Leader’s Triumvirate?
Master these 3 to master your leadership.

Do You Confuse Perception & Reality?
Leaders will often say, “Perception is reality”, but that’s not the whole truth. Nor even the correct truth.

You’re Not Alone: Everyone Fakes It Sometimes.
You think people will see you, but really they won’t.

Frankly, Why Do You Even Think You’re Right?
How do you know you’re right, particularly if you’re certain that you’re right? Could you be wrong?

What I Learned from Hurricane Matthew & 9/11
Fifteen years apart, 9/11 and Hurricane Matthew resonate about people, leaders, and life in general.

Does Your Leadership Influence Travel at the Speed of Light?
Your organization is smaller than the universe, but why can leadership influence be such a challenge?

Take 15 Minutes to Save Your Job
Take the time now, and save yourself the grief. 

Give Them the Gift of Experiences
Go beyond the tangible to keep your best and brightest. 

What’s Your Leadership Presence Smell Like?
People get a double dose of your leadership reputation.  So it’s best to neutralize this common blind spot.


3 Ways Leaders Can Avoid the VUCA Vortex
Three things leaders and managers can do to limit the fury of the VUCA vortex.

Why are we leading in the “VUCA” vortex?
In 2007 and 2008, when the bottom fell out of the economy, “VUCA” was set in motion.  Here are some reasons why leaders are feeling like they’re in the vortex.

Why the Universe Creates “Cry Potentials”
Don’t focus solely on your high potentials; make sure to identify your cry potentials as well.

Do You See What You Need to See?
We don’t always see what we’re actually seeing.
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Why Your Executive Coach is Overrated
Executive coaches are important, but they’re also overrated.
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You and I May Not Know We’re Incompetent
Worse than being incompetent, is not knowing we’re incompetent.
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Do You Know When to Go It Alone?
Moments of courage, big and small, distinguish notable leaders.
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Stop Playing to Your Strengths.
It sounds very appealing, even heart-warming, but playing to one’s strengths could be a career buster.
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So Where Exactly is the Next Level?
It’s one of the most popular expressions in business, but where exactly is the next level?
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How Will You Spend Your 1/2 Million Minutes?
Who and how you are, sets the culture for your team, department, and organization
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Buzzword Bingo, The Sequel
It’s been 7 years since Think Outside the Buzzword; so it’s time for an update.
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Do You Intimidate Your Co-Pilot?
Who and how you are, sets the culture for your team, department, and organization
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The Real Dangers of Being a Great Role Model
It’s great to be a role model, but a role model of what?
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If You’re Bored at Work, You’ve Just Been Warned.
If it’s routine and repeatable, it’s dangerous.
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Why a Leader’s First Decision is Often Wrong
It’s not what you first think.

In ’08 & ’09, You Were Downsized. Now, You’re Being Inflated. What Should You Do?
Time to embrace the new reality.

Are You Focused on Being Busy, Instead of Being Accomplished?
Are you still stuck in the blender?

This Beveridge Has a Sickening Aftertaste for Millions of Americans.
Unemployment is up, but the unemployed still can’t get hired. Why?

Do You Still Say, “Span of Control”?
It’s not about the numbers under you; it’s about your relevance.


Why Your Job Description is Irrelevant
Even if you’re employed, you still don’t have a job.

5 Ways to Know Your Consultant Is an Empty Suit or Pantsuit
If you ever hear your consultant say one of these, run away….very, very far away.

Like “Paper or Plastic?”, it’s Now “Print or Digital?”
An interview with Michael Romaner, EVP for Digital at Morris Communications, about all things digital.

Did Steve Jobs Leave You Frustrated?
As compelling as it sounds, and as motivated as we are, it can be surprisingly difficult to do.

Why Are You Still Running On Your Hamster Wheel?
Steve Jobs connects the dots. A 50% free-agent workforce. And living like we truly, truly should.


When Can You Smack Me Upside the Head?
No, it’s not easy. Yes, it is difficult. And anyone who suggests it’s not, just doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

Why SMART Goals Can Be Dumb
Goals can be SMART, but being only smart can be really kinda dumb.

Who’s More Lost: You or Your Luggage?
They can’t find your luggage, and they certainly can’t find you a better boss or a better self.

Is Your Company Heading for Talent Bankruptcy?
Cash may be king, but how far behind are your people?

What’s Your Story? Why Should Anyone Care?
Guidance on how to ensure your career security during a leadership transition.


Do You Lead Like a Dopey Parent?
Leadership is re-learned at both the office and at home.

Four Easy Ways to Empower Your People
Be deliberate, specific, and purposeful when you empower others.

But What Does “Be More Strategic” Really Mean?
An easy way for both leaders and their employees to start being more strategic.

Are You Paying the Price for Your Slow Burn?
How the economic crisis has delivered both just desserts and tough medicine to leaders.

Real Leaders Don’t Watch Movies.
Why you should leave the popcorn at home, and don’t watch at work.


Real Leadership Development: You Know It’s Not Easy; It’s a Struggle.
If you’re struggling, you know you’re on the right path. But just don’t struggle alone.

Leadership, Pornography, and a Visit to Justice Stewart
Do you know leadership when you see it?

Succession Planning, Part 2: Remaining Basic Steps
Two remaining basic steps for effective succession planning.

Succession Planning: Some Basic Steps
Two basic steps to initiate effective succession planning.

If Your Company Needs First Aid, Don’t Cry for Help.
Why it’s essential that someone stand out from the crowd in your company.


Lost Jobs Aren’t the Problem. They’re the Symptom.
Why focussing on lost jobs is shortsighted.

If Experience is the Best Teacher, What Did You Learn from the Great Recession?
“Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.” – Winston Churchill.
“Experience is the best teacher, but the tuition is high.” – Norwegian proverb

Is Failure Truly Not an Option?
Why education is so important to nation-wide succession planning

Now More than Ever, Offer One Hand to Shake and One Throat to Squeeze
A simple philosophy for leading during these tough times, even if you don’t have people to lead

Why You Should Know What Your Leaders Do.
Forget about what leaders are; focus on what leaders do.


Do Your Leader Vacuums Need a Cleaning?
Real leaders abhor vacuuming.

How Big is Your Blind Spot?
Do you know what you need to know?

I’m No Susan Boyle or Captain Kirk
Forget about singing or flying a starship. Let’s get back to basics.

Leadership Lessons from The Economic Meltdown
We highlight a handful of leadership lessons learned from the recession.

What You Learn by Playing Poker
Bob Silverstein (organizational crisis and change consultant), discusses the practical applications of studying and playing No Limit Texas Hold ’em poker.


Experience is Teaching, Now.
We add a missing piece of the developmental puzzle.

Fear: Maybe not a Friend, but a Reliable Companion
We face the unavoidable truth about fear, pressure, and personal development.

How Will You Be Successful in 2009?
We’ll avoid a New Year’s resolution, and ask a question, instead.

Are You Staying Relevant?
Go beyond skills, knowledge, and expertise; the key is staying relevant.

Leaders During Stress and Under Stress
Suggestions for leading during stressful times


Leadership Development By Yourself, By the Book
Suggestions for leaders who are developing themselves on their own

Why Getting Buy-in Isn’t Enough
Getting buy-in is never enough if you truly want to have a sustained impact.

What’s Your Leadership Process?
The value of having a proven process to develop your current and next generation of leaders

Who’s the Landscape Leader in Your Company?
Why you’ll find leadership development in your own backyard, literally

Why Emotional Intelligence is Overrated
How the topic of emotional intelligence has blurred the definition of excellence in leadership


Why You Shouldn’t Wear My Velour Shirt
Why attracting employees and velour shirts are both limited in their usefulness

Do You Date or Do You Marry Your Employees?
Why some companies tend to focus more on attracting employees than retaining them

An interview Robert Divine, attorney with Baker Donelson and leader of the firm’s Immigration practice group

jonnee duznt reed
The decline of reading in the US and its impact on people and on business

Will You Disappear in 2014?
The impending shortage of leadership and managerial talent


Got Milk? Got Talent?
The value of having talent by the gallons

Which Are More Valuable: Laptops or Employees?
What we think, what we believe, and what we value

Talent Management Is Risk Management
How managing your company’s talent is also managing risk

Why Consistency Kills Careers
The risk of remaining true to oneself

Hugging the Anchor of the Titanic
We consider personal change, Newton, inertia, consistency, and tragedy.


Why Employees Are Like Children
The similarities between employees and our children

Promotion? No Thanks; I’ll Take the Divorce Instead.
The paradoxical nature of promotions, and what you can do to ensure yours is a success

Self-Help Books Sell Because They Don’t Work
The critical weakness of most self-help books, and why it’s important to put the book down, and get out of the tub

Being A Versatile Leader
How to measure leadership versatility.

Versatile Leadership: Do You Under-Do or Over-Do?
Why being a versatile leader is important

Think Outside the Buzzword
Time to decipher consultant doublespeak