Are You Ready for that Promotion?

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3 Questions to Ask Before You’re Promoted One of the happier moments in a leader’s career is when you’re promoted.And one of the sadder moments in your career is when you realize the promotion isn’t what it was described to be.So who’s fault is that?Who cares?  Instead, let’s get on with how to avoid that from happening in the first place.If you’re going to buy a new mobile phone, you likely do…

Are You an Evolved Leader?

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The 3 Levels of Leadership I don’t run like I used to run when I was 16.  Knock on wood, I haven’t had an injury in the years I’ve been running.  But I still don’t run like I did when I was 16.  Notwithstanding the fact that I run regularly, my running pace and style have evolved over the years. The same is true if you’re a leader.  How you lead…

Can You Connect Yourself to Impact?

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So we’re already into February.  I won’t ask about the status of any New Year’s resolutions you’ve made or ramble on about “A New Year…and a new You!”  Instead, I will ask, “Can You Connect Yourself to Impact?” Why? Because your career is not about: Your tenure or experience.  Yes, it’s important you’ve been doing what you’re doing for a long time.  That you’ve got skills.  But then again, so…

When Does Being a Jerk Matter?

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So we’re approaching the end of the year, the time when we reflect on what we’ve done during these past 330+ days and what lies ahead. If you’re a leader, you’ll likely also reflect on what your team has done during these past 330+ days and what lies ahead for them. In particular, you may ask yourself, “Do I have the team needed to accomplish our 2019 objectives?” And so, here are 3 quick questions…

Does Your Manager’s Shadow Conceal You?

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Congratulations!  You have a very successful career, received promotions and pay increases along the way, and better still, your manager thinks you’re a rock star. Life.  Couldn’t.  Be.  Better. When you ask your manager for feedback on how you’re doing she says, “Great.  Keep it up.”  You’re thrilled. You meet with your manager on a regular basis.  He’s certainly no absentee manager.  You meet your manager’s expectations.  You get your work…

You’re Not Alone: Everyone Fakes It Sometimes.

Congratulations!  You got that promotion!! That job you had your eyes on for so long is finally yours.  What a rush!  Your partner/spouse is thrilled!  Your parents are thrilled!  Even the dog seems happier to see you when you come home.  Life. just. couldn’t. get. any. better. So why do you feel so much like a fraud? And why are you worried people will find out you don’t quite know what you’re doing? Answer #1:…

Take 15 Minutes to Save Your Job

Take 15 minutes, and save your job, your department, and possibly, your company. How? You won’t need your smartphone, laptop, phablet, email, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Periscope, text messaging, or IBM’s Watson for this. Just your head, a pen, a piece of paper, and 15 minutes. Now, think of the key roles in your team, department, and/or company. Got them? Good. Write them down in a column on the left hand…

Give Them the Gift of Experiences

This past Christmas, my wife and I decided not to give gifts to each other. For previous Christmases, we each had said “no more gifts”, but one of us would ultimately violate the mandate and end up buying the other something. Well this year we each said, “No more gifts”, and we actually kept to it. Instead, we “gave” ourselves several dinners out, just the two of us, during the…