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How’s Your Leadership Practice?

Today’s actions are tomorrow’s reality.

Piano keys

I once took a piano lesson, and I know one day I’ll be a virtuoso.
I once took a lesson in painting, and I know one day I’ll be a master.
I once took a tennis lesson, and I know one day I’ll play at Wimbledon.
I once read a book on leadership, and I know one day I’ll….

You get my point.
Remember, leadership books continue to sell because they don’t work.

If it was that easy, you’d be one and done.
But you know it’s not that easy.

The actions you take today are your practice for the leader you’ll be tomorrow.
So be deliberate about what you do.

Instead of reading a leadership book, and then another one, and then another, and then another, select one that resonated with you, and stick with it for a while.

Practice a recommendation or two you think you can do, and see what happens.  No one will know you’re practicing.  Just you.  And stay with it.

Leadership is a daily practice.  Similar to playing the piano or tennis, or painting something you’re proud of, it takes commitment, daily commitment.
So get started, hold on to the leadership book (don’t buy another one), and practice, practice, practice.