Does Your Dog Dream of Dinosaurs?

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Is there a T-Rex in your future? Growing up, I didn’t have a dog.  When we moved to Savannah 16 years ago with kids in tow, we got a dog.  Your children provide great cover for the inner boy still inside you. We went to the local Humane Society, and said if they came across a dog that was good with children and good with other dogs, please let us…

Frankly, Why Do You Even Think You’re Right?

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We recently replaced a 13-year-old dryer: it took 2 1/2 hours to dry a regular load of clothes.  The only problem was, the newly acquired dryer took just as long.  The manufacturer sent out a technician to investigate, and he solved the matter in minutes.  After a few questions, he confirmed there was heat in the dryer, and then went outside to check the venting.  “Your dryer’s fine.  It’s your vent that’s…