Does pay for performance stifle innovation?

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Researchers at UC Berkeley and UCLA business schools suggest that pay for performance hinders innovation.  Instead, compensation models that have a “tolerance for early failure and reward for long-term success” are more effective in fostering innovation.  Link to overview of study.  Link to full report of study.

Why Are You Still Running On Your Hamster Wheel?

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This month’s issue formed from the convergence of several recent events: – I read the August McKinsey Quarterly Report “The US Employment Challenge” (You may have to register, but it’s free.) – Steve Jobs resigned as Apple CEO. – I watched Jobs’ 2005 Stanford commencement address (here’s the text version as well). Here’s how they fit together: In the McKinsey Report, Kelly Services CEO, Carl Camden, writes: “So jobs aren’t…

Why SMART Goals Can Be Dumb

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One of the big myths in employee development is that people are motivated by goals, or that goal setting is inherently motivating. If I’m planning a trip, my knowing the destination, knowing where I have to get to, doesn’t make the trip any more desirable or annoying. Why I’m going to wherever I’m going to, now that tends to have an impact.  Maybe it’s to see an old friend I haven’t…