Take 60 Seconds and Save Yourself Hours

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Are your people on target? These days, no leader has enough time.Not enough time for work.  For family.  Or for oneself.Here’s today’s reality for most leaders:Take your job description from December 2019.Add 50% more work and responsibility due to COVID-19.Now try to get it all done in the same amount of time.Are we doing what needs to be done?With all that COVID-19 has brought to leaders, it’s enough these days…

How Will You Spend Your 1/2 Million Minutes?

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WikiCommons:S. Sepp As of today, I’ve spent more than 486,720 minutes engaged in doing something this year. Put into seconds, that’s more 29,203,200 seconds, the equivalent of 338 days. It seems like it’s a lot. 29,000,000 is a big number. One would think it would feel like a long time. Funny thing is, instead, all that time seemed to go by rather quickly. I know I can account for the…