Study: Want to be a CEO one day? Then find your way to an HR role.

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New research from Ellie Filler of Korn Ferry and Dave Ulrich of U. of Michigan concludes that a stint as CHRO is great experience for those that aspire to be CEO. Interestingly, “except for the COO (whose role and responsibilities often overlap with the CEO’s), the executive whose traits were most similar to those of the CEO was the CHRO.” The rising status of HR leaders is not a surprise.…

Is this the beginning of the end of HR as we know it?

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Some companies are doing away with HR as we know it, and instead, are transferring HR’s responsibilities to managers.  Isn’t that what we want, managers who are more actively involved in and responsible for the development and management of their people?  Or is there a downside to this?  What do you think?  Read more here. Photo credit: Alex E. Proimos / / CC BY