So Where Exactly is the Next Level?

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We’ve all heard it at some point. And we may have even said it on occasion. The next level. “Because of the recent economic and competitive challenges confronting our company, it’s imperative that we reject the status quo, and instead, take this organization to the next level.” (Lots of applause) “Pat, if you’re truly serious about moving up to the District Manager role, you’ll have to take your game to…

Buzzword Bingo, The Sequel

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Wikimedia Commons:Abbey Hendrickson About seven years ago, in the January 2007 issue of our 60-Second Email, Think Outside the Buzzword, we featured several popular consultant terms (a.k.a. jargon) along with their alleged as well as their true meaning. Well seven years is certainly more than enough time for a new batch to flourish.  So here’s the sequel: Buzzword: “Take this offline”  (to deal with separately and later) Example: (said with a friendly,…

Do You Intimidate Your Co-Pilot?

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The recent tragedy of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crash at San Francisco Airport has highlighted the significance of not only the role of the leader, but also those working with him or her.  Moreover, it’s underscored the criticality of the relationship of those working in the cockpit. Deborah Hersman, chairwoman of the National Transportation Safety Board, recently noted that investigators were reviewing cockpit recordings to better understand “tone and demeanor”…

But What Does “Be More Strategic” Really Mean?

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One of the consistent themes we’ve seen in our leadership development and coaching work throughout these tough economic times is the need for (and felt pressure by) leaders and managers to “be more strategic”. Often the request/demand will come in the form of a conversation with one’s boss, in which she/he will say at some point, “David, you simply need to be more strategic.”  Ideally, my boss would elaborate on…

Do Your Leader Vacuums Need a Cleaning?

“Nature abhors a vacuum.” The quote is often attributed to Aristotle, the Greek philosopher (and student of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Great) who lived from 384 to 322 BC. The quote has nothing to do with your carpets or your Hoover, Electrolux, or Dyson. Aristotle was talking about voids in space, places that are empty of matter, empty of “stuff”. Aristotle felt that true perfect vacuums, or voids,…