Do You Confuse Perception & Reality?

So which do you see?  Two faces or a vase?  If you said, “I see a candlestick holder”, okay, you still get a point. If I asked you, “Which is more correct?  The two faces or the vase?  Which is more real?”, you’d say something like, “Don’t be foolish, Dave.  It’s both.  I see the two faces and I see the vase.  They’re both real.” So why is it when leaders receive feedback…

Do You See What You Need to See?

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Take a look at the following image: Would you believe me if I told you that Square A is the same shade as Square B? Probably not. If I told you that you can’t trust what you see, and that indeed the squares are the same shade, would you believe me then? Still, probably not. If I showed you the following proof (the two parallel strips are the same uniform shade…

So Where Exactly is the Next Level?

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We’ve all heard it at some point. And we may have even said it on occasion. The next level. “Because of the recent economic and competitive challenges confronting our company, it’s imperative that we reject the status quo, and instead, take this organization to the next level.” (Lots of applause) “Pat, if you’re truly serious about moving up to the District Manager role, you’ll have to take your game to…

The Real Dangers of Being a Great Role Model

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One of the leadership and management “truths” is the undisputed value of being a great role model. Not many people would question the value of being a great role model. In fact, I think most, if not all, people would say they would be pleased to be a great role model for others. It goes without question, right? Which is what I was thinking the other day, when I thought,…

Why a Leader’s First Decision is Often Wrong

I’ve chosen a word at random. Is it more likely that the word starts with a K, or that K is the third letter in the word? If you’re like most people, you’ll say it’s more likely the word starts with a K. However, there are more than twice as many words that have K in the third position than those that start with it. (more…)

How Big is Your Blind Spot?

So now another high-profile male political figure has come clean about his lack of integrity. The past couple of years have been busy ones: from Spitzer and Edwards, to Kilpactrick, Ensign, and now Sanford. ABC News even has a web site devoted to “Politicians Who Cheat”: There’s 17 featured in all, all male (but that’s a subject for a different 60-Second Email™). One question that has come to my mind…