Time to Look Down

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Do you know how things are? For many leaders, the coronavirus will be a career-defining moment.And unless your company was a master at scenario and/or strategic planning, for the most part, it’s been learning by doing. And that’s not a criticism.  It just is. Focusing upward and outwardRegardless of where you are in the organizational hierarchy, you’ve likely not had time for much else other than your historic responsibilities and the…

It’s No Time to Be Wishy-Washy

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Is That Truly What You Mean? According to Merriam-Webster, “wishy-washy” means “lacking in character or determination, [as in] ‘ineffectual wishy-washy leadership’“.  Google defines it as “feeble or insipid in quality or character; lacking strength or boldness“. Not sure I’d want to be known as “insipid in character”.Merriam-Webster adds that “wishy-washy” was first used in 1703.  Curiously, their website doesn’t indicate where it was used.  Suffice it to say, we’ve had wishy-washy…

Have You Zoom-ed Out?

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When Work Becomes Your Screen Test At the end of 2019, Zoom had approximately 10.7 million active users.  And on April 22nd of this year, 300 million people used Zoom.  Not a bad growth rate. And it’s likely your usage of Zoom / Webex / Teams has increased at a similar rate.  Back in December, maybe you used it just a bit.  These days, it’s likely several times a day.And…

Communicating During a Crisis

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3 Valuable Resources Leaders are being challenged to communicate effectively under these stressful, complex, ever-changing conditions. For many, it’s their first time doing so during a company-wide, nation-wide crisis. We thought readers of our 60-Second Read would find the following three resources helpful: Communicating Through the Coronavirus Crisis.  From Harvard Business Review, a 5-step framework for your communication strategy.  (Note: HBR has a paywall, but your first 3 articles per…

But What Does “Be More Strategic” Really Mean?

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One of the consistent themes we’ve seen in our leadership development and coaching work throughout these tough economic times is the need for (and felt pressure by) leaders and managers to “be more strategic”. Often the request/demand will come in the form of a conversation with one’s boss, in which she/he will say at some point, “David, you simply need to be more strategic.”  Ideally, my boss would elaborate on…

Do Your Leader Vacuums Need a Cleaning?

“Nature abhors a vacuum.” The quote is often attributed to Aristotle, the Greek philosopher (and student of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Great) who lived from 384 to 322 BC. The quote has nothing to do with your carpets or your Hoover, Electrolux, or Dyson. Aristotle was talking about voids in space, places that are empty of matter, empty of “stuff”. Aristotle felt that true perfect vacuums, or voids,…