Are You Ready for that Promotion?

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3 Questions to Ask Before You’re Promoted One of the happier moments in a leader’s career is when you’re promoted.And one of the sadder moments in your career is when you realize the promotion isn’t what it was described to be.So who’s fault is that?Who cares?  Instead, let’s get on with how to avoid that from happening in the first place.If you’re going to buy a new mobile phone, you likely do…

Why Your Executive Coach is Overrated

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I recently Googled the term “executive coaching” and received nearly 1.5 million hits. Frankly, I was a bit surprised. I was expecting more, because it seems like everyone and their uncle and aunt is a coach these days. (Full disclosure: Count me in; I too have worked with numerous executives and managers, one-on-one, for periods ranging from several months to over a year.) The array of coaches is a bit…