Do You Confuse Perception & Reality?

So which do you see?  Two faces or a vase?  If you said, “I see a candlestick holder”, okay, you still get a point. If I asked you, “Which is more correct?  The two faces or the vase?  Which is more real?”, you’d say something like, “Don’t be foolish, Dave.  It’s both.  I see the two faces and I see the vase.  They’re both real.” So why is it when leaders receive feedback…

Do You See What You Need to See?

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Take a look at the following image: Would you believe me if I told you that Square A is the same shade as Square B? Probably not. If I told you that you can’t trust what you see, and that indeed the squares are the same shade, would you believe me then? Still, probably not. If I showed you the following proof (the two parallel strips are the same uniform shade…