If You’re Bored at Work, You’ve Just Been Warned.

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Think about the work you do every day. Ever find it boring, repetitive, or lacking in meaning? Did you answer “yes” to any of that? If you did, then that’s a good thing. Why would it be a good thing? Because it means you’ve been warned. And better still, you’re the one who’s warning yourself. According to the Associated Press, jobs that “follow well-defined procedures and are repeated throughout the…

In ’08 & ’09, You Were Downsized. Now, You’re Being Inflated. What Should You Do?

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Since 2008 and the start of the Great Recession, there have been 3 distinct phases in leadership and management: Phase 1, Downsizing: Positions were drastically eliminated, and people were let go, quickly and in great numbers. Phase 1 Leadership Implications: Contain the losses.  Stem the bleeding.  Keep the faith that all will not implode. Phase 1 Reality for Leaders: Do the same work with much, much fewer resources. Work long.…

This Beveridge Has a Sickening Aftertaste for Millions of Americans

You don’t need to be an economist to know that sobering things are occurring in the US economy. For example, there are fewer jobs for more unemployed workers. Following the 2000 recession, there were 14 people unemployed for every 10 hires. Now, it’s 35 unemployed for every 10 hires: Source: Workforce Management In 2000, only 7% of the unemployed spent more than 6 months finding a job; now, it’s almost…

If Experience is the Best Teacher, What Did You Learn from the Great Recession?

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“Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.” – Winston Churchill. “Experience is the best teacher, but the tuition is high.” – Norwegian proverb If experience is, indeed, the best teacher, we’ve certainly had a post-graduate education this past year. And, yes, the tuition has been very high. So what did you learn from it? I didn’t have an immediate answer when I asked myself the…