Can You Connect Yourself to Impact?

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So we’re already into February.  I won’t ask about the status of any New Year’s resolutions you’ve made or ramble on about “A New Year…and a new You!”  Instead, I will ask, “Can You Connect Yourself to Impact?” Why? Because your career is not about: Your tenure or experience.  Yes, it’s important you’ve been doing what you’re doing for a long time.  That you’ve got skills.  But then again, so…

Why SMART Goals Can Be Dumb

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One of the big myths in employee development is that people are motivated by goals, or that goal setting is inherently motivating. If I’m planning a trip, my knowing the destination, knowing where I have to get to, doesn’t make the trip any more desirable or annoying. Why I’m going to wherever I’m going to, now that tends to have an impact.  Maybe it’s to see an old friend I haven’t…