Are You Okay Being Right?

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Trust me, I know these things… As a leader, it’s important to be right.  A leader’s credibility and influence are based, in part, on his or her ability to be right about matters relevant to their role, function, and organization. But how right does a leader need to be? Here’s an image you will not see “right” or correctly.  To reiterate, if you’re alive and breathing while reading this, you…

Frankly, Why Do You Even Think You’re Right?

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We recently replaced a 13-year-old dryer: it took 2 1/2 hours to dry a regular load of clothes.  The only problem was, the newly acquired dryer took just as long.  The manufacturer sent out a technician to investigate, and he solved the matter in minutes.  After a few questions, he confirmed there was heat in the dryer, and then went outside to check the venting.  “Your dryer’s fine.  It’s your vent that’s…