If You’re Bored at Work, You’ve Just Been Warned.

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Think about the work you do every day. Ever find it boring, repetitive, or lacking in meaning? Did you answer “yes” to any of that? If you did, then that’s a good thing. Why would it be a good thing? Because it means you’ve been warned. And better still, you’re the one who’s warning yourself. According to the Associated Press, jobs that “follow well-defined procedures and are repeated throughout the…

Why Your Job Description Is Irrelevant

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If you’re unemployed, you don’t have a job. And even if you’re employed, you still don’t have a job. In fact, if you’re smart about it, you don’t even want to have a job. In a very timely article, Josh Bersin, President and CEO of Bersin & Associates, discusses the end of a job as we know it.  And from what we’re seeing with clients, we couldn’t agree more. People…

Are You Staying Relevant?

My local dry cleaner’s specialty is breaking buttons. If your shirt has buttons, they will break them. Their 2-for-1 special is bring in two shirts, and we’ll break the buttons of at least one of them. In by 9:00, broken buttons by 5:00. Coming in a close second is burning collars. Don’t have ring-around-the-collar? No problem; we’ll burn one in for you. Consider it a shirt tattoo. Lastly, the icing…