Is “Grit” the New Buzzword?

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These days it’s difficult to avoid hearing reference to it; “grit” seems to be the new leadership, management, student, child “must have” ability, trait, skill, etc.  It’s easy to nod our head, and agree it’s important, just as we did for “emotional intelligence”.  But what does “grit” actually mean?  In a recent article,  Bravetta Hassell, associate editor at Chief Learning Officer, provides an interesting perspective and research:

Buzzword Bingo, The Sequel

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Wikimedia Commons:Abbey Hendrickson About seven years ago, in the January 2007 issue of our 60-Second Email, Think Outside the Buzzword, we featured several popular consultant terms (a.k.a. jargon) along with their alleged as well as their true meaning. Well seven years is certainly more than enough time for a new batch to flourish.  So here’s the sequel: Buzzword: “Take this offline”  (to deal with separately and later) Example: (said with a friendly,…