How to Lead in a Crisis

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Leading others through uncertainty On 9/11, I was working in Manhattan.  Today, when people discuss 9/11 and New York City, everyone knows there were two planes, and only two planes, that struck the Twin Towers.  That morning, though, no one knew how many more there would be, or what else was to come. Not that the comparison is parallel, but we’re in similar times.  We’re not quite sure what’s to…

What I Learned from Hurricane Matthew & 9/11

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In 2001, I was in Manhattan during 9/11. Fifteen years later in 2016, I was living in Savannah (but did not stay) during Hurricane Matthew. Both were very different events, with entirely different causes, and entirely different implications and outcomes. But combined, they’ve left me with a few reflections on people, leaders, and just life in general: People In times of crisis, people come together for help, support, encouragement, and…