Fear: Maybe not a Friend, but a Reliable Companion

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This past weekend at a local conference, I delivered a presentation on overcoming barriers to effective talent development.  I also had the chance to attend other presentations too.  At one, the facilitator split the room into sections, and labeled each one with a specific emotion.  He then asked people to stand in the section that best described the atmosphere in their company.  Would it be surprising to say that 70…

How Will You Be Successful in 2009?

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Woody Allen Okay, so are we all glad that 2008 is almost over?  If you’re reading this, I congratulate you for making it through a most challenging year. Woody Allen is quoted as saying “80% of success is showing up.”  I’d have to agree with him this year. If you showed up day after day, did your job as best you could, and didn’t give up, notwithstanding the insanity that was happening…

Are You Staying Relevant?

My local dry cleaner’s specialty is breaking buttons. If your shirt has buttons, they will break them. Their 2-for-1 special is bring in two shirts, and we’ll break the buttons of at least one of them. In by 9:00, broken buttons by 5:00. Coming in a close second is burning collars. Don’t have ring-around-the-collar? No problem; we’ll burn one in for you. Consider it a shirt tattoo. Lastly, the icing…