The Versatile, Strategic Leader

Business Challenge

Today’s Versatile, Strategic Leaders must be both strategic planners for their business, as well as exceptional drivers of seamless business operations. This requires them to: 1) Translate the company’s strategy into specific actionable priorities for their team; 2) Use these priorities to determine how best to lead and motivate their employees; and 3) Ensure employees consistently execute best operating practices and procedures.

Who will Benefit?

The Versatile, Strategic Leader is designed for mid- to senior-level leaders responsible for driving performance in an operations-intensive environment.

The Focus

The Versatile, Strategic Leader is a customized multi-day program that challenges participants to think and lead more strategically. Our pragmatic approach gives leaders the information, tools, and capability to implement this enhanced leadership approach starting the first day back in the field. The experience is tailor-made to your organization to ensure participants experience hands-on, relevant, real-world application of issues and challenges specific to your enterprise.


By offering The Versatile, Strategic Leader, your organization will:

  • Drive performance across key metrics at the unit or division level.
  • Advance leadership performance at the executive level. • Develop leaders who can think and act more strategically.
  • Enable them to better coach both teams and individuals to execute against a more complex set of responsibilities.
  • Educate your leaders to develop and retain high potential employees.
  • Help them further their leadership strengths, and overcome their vulnerabilities


The Versatile, Strategic Leader is delivered in 2- to 4-day sessions, and is complemented by a 180-day reinforcement process focused on current leadership challenges, as well as optional 1-on-1 executive coaching.

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Key Program Content:

Download the program overview

• Aligning your locations’ operations with your company’s strategy.

• Creating the time and opportunity to think and lead strategically.

• Using 5 Essentials to build a high-performing team.

• Delivering high-impact feedback and coaching to accelerate employee performance.

• Following the 5 steps to delegate without regret.

• Building a better bench and creating a continuous supply of great employees.

• 360° feedback for uncovering leadership strengths and vulnerabilities.

• All programs are customized, and additional content may be added to address the unique needs of your organization.