The New Leader

Business Challenge

The leap from individual contributor to leader is one of the greatest steps an employee will evermake. The new leader is given increased and more complex responsibilities, while having to manage and lead others for the first time. The new leader must think and act more strategically than ever before. And expectations about performance increases significantly, as the company expects and requires a quick learning curve.

Who will benefit?

The New Leader is designed specifically for first-time Leaders, Leaders with technical or staff backgrounds, and Senior Leaders who would benefit from a formal leadership development experience. It is ideally suited for organizations seeking to expand the capabilities of their new leaders through a practical, direct, and rigorous process.

The Focus

For many new leaders, the needed skills and capabilities required to succeed in the new role are foreign to them. The successes and accomplishments that earned them the promotion, no longer matter to the same extent. Furthermore, while most new leaders realize they need to add new skills, many don’t realize they must drop some as well. By building the skills & capability for leading others more strategically, The Advisory Alliance’s The New Leader program provides the new executive with the perspective and ability for leading others more confidently and effectively.


By implementing The Advisory Alliance’s The New Leader program, your organization will:

  • Increase the leadership capabilities, confidence, and performance of your new leaders.
  • Provide your new leaders with a candid forum to examine their leadership strengths and vulnerabilities.
  • Further their ability to lead both individual employees and teams more effectively.
  • Further their ability to develop both individual employees and teams more effectively.
  • Reinforce the loyalty and retention of your high potentials.
  • Develop a core set of skills that your new leaders will leverage throughout their career.


Delivered in 2- to 4-day sessions or in a modular format over time, The Advisory Alliance’s The New Leader program is complemented by a 180-day reinforcement process focused on current leadership challenges, as well as optional 1-on-1 executive coaching.

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For more information about The New Leader:

Key Program Content

Download the program overview

• Making the Transition from Individual Contributor to Leader

• Aligning Your Leadership Behavior with Your Organization’s Strategy and Objectives

• Moving from Doing to Delegating

• Managing Your Time to Lead more Effectively

• Leading Others as They Need to be Led

• Going Beyond Leading Teams to Building Them

• Stop Directing and Telling; Start Coaching

• Dealing with Conflict so You Don’t Hate the Other or Yourself

• 360° Feedback and Leadership Assessments for Uncovering Leadership Strengths and Vulnerabilities

• 1-on-1 Coaching for Sustained Performance

• All programs are customized, and additional content may be added to address the unique needs of your organization.