Select For Success™

Business Challenge

The single most important strategic challenge for any organization is getting the best people in the right roles. However, organizations continue to make avoidable selection mistakes that cost thousands, even millions, of dollars. Creating a sustained strategic advantage through selecting and on-boarding superior people is one of the most rewarding investments a company can make.

Who will benefit?

Select for Success™ is a powerful combination of customized Selection Criteria, Customer Insight, and a superior Interviewer Training program for companies determined to achieve competitive advantage by evaluating and selecting exceptional external hires as well as internal candidates for promotion.

The Focus

The Advisory Alliance’s highly effective Select for Success™ process provides companies insight into the skills and abilities their customers value most. Select for Success™ prepares companies, their managers, and executives to conduct highly effective, efficient, and legal interviews – interviews that will not only enable them to distinguish the truly superior candidates from the merely good ones, but also help you attract the best candidates to your organization.


Your Select for Success™ participants will be able to:

  • Identify and attract superior candidates who are well-matched with your organization on all criteria that support high performance and motivation.
  • Distinguish between the very best candidates from the merely very good candidates.
  • Significantly reduce hiring errors.
  • Conduct interviews with respect, honesty, fairness, legality, and efficiency.
  • Exhibit the positive values of your organization, inspiring superior candidates to join, and providing all candidates with a favorable impression of your company.


Select for Success™ consists of 2 phases, each tailored to the particular goals and needs of your organization. Phase 1 is a highly interactive workshop, with brief lectures, engaging discussions, and skills-building exercises, and is delivered typically in one day. Phase 2 is an active learning laboratory in which groups of two to three participants build their interviewing skills through practice interviews, and receive professional coaching and feedback in an informal, supportive setting.

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Key Process Content

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• Tools for identifying the proper selection criteria, and for translating those into effective interview questions.  Net result: fewer hiring errors, reduced unwanted turnover, and more satisfied & loyal new hires.

• Distinctive probing strategies and tools to “de-clone” candidates and highlight subtle but powerful differences among seemingly qualified people.

• Guidance for avoiding illegal questions and for conducting fair, valid and legally defensible interviews.

• Strategies and tools for evaluating candidates’ attributes and predicting job performance.

• Tips for “Telling” all candidates necessary information, and tips for “Selling” only those superior candidates you want to attract.

• All programs are customized, and additional content may be added to address the unique needs of your organization.