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Business Challenge

Companies are increasingly struggling to execute their business strategy, not because of flaws in strategy, but because of increased expectations of leaders and managers who must execute it, and the existing shortage of qualified leaders and managers.  Ensuring a continuous supply of ready and capable leaders and managers throughout your firm is of strategic importance.

Who will benefit?

The Talent Management Forum is designed for front-line Managers, as well as for Senior Leaders who are responsible for multiple geographies and multi-site business units.  It is ideally suited for organizations seeking to build the capability of their next generation leaders and managers.

The Focus

The Advisory Alliance’s Talent Management Forum is a field proven development program that helps leaders and managers build leadership capability in themselves and throughout their organization.  The Forum provides practical ways to engage, and retain the best talent.  It ensures that leaders and managers create the time and opportunity to develop the talent they need to execute their business strategy.


By implementing The Advisory Alliance’s Talent Management Forum, your organization will:

  • Put the right people in place to execute your business strategy.
  • Provide the tools and processes managers need to develop their own talent pipeline.
  • Secure a more reliable and better quality supply of employees.
  • Develop people for greater retention, performance, and loyalty.
  • Develop the capabilities your people require to compete for scarce quality talent.
  • Provide key talent with better opportunities for growth and leadership.


Delivered in 2- to 3-day sessions or in a modular format over time, The Advisory Alliance’s Talent Management Forum is complemented by a 180-day reinforcement process focused on current talent management challenges.

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Key Forum Content

Download the forum overview

• Taking control of your time and creating the opportunity for talent management

• Better employee development by better delegation

• 360° feedback and leadership assessments for uncovering leadership strengths and vulnerabilities

• Winning the war for quality talent: How managers and leaders can build an internal supply

• Who should motivate your direct reports?

• The fundamentals of effective succession planning below the C-Suite

• 1-on-1 coaching for sustained performance

• All programs are customized, and additional content may be added to address the unique needs of your organization.