Multi-Level Succession Planning

Business Challenge

Research shows the important role that succession planning plays in helping organizations achieve business goals and long-term success. Yet many companies fail to plan for succession at all, or simply fail to do so effectively. Why is this?  Reasons often include a lack of time, resources, expertise, and/or experience.

Who will benefit?

Our Multi-Level Succession Planning process will help your organization ensure it has the right people, at the right time, with the right skills, abilities, and experience for critical positions. We do so in a cost-effective manner, incorporating years of experience successfully implementing succession planning in a wide variety of public and private sector environments.

The Focus

The Advisory Alliance will work with your organization to design and implement a systemic, research-based process for grooming successors for key management and other select positions. The process ensures an effective, efficient, fair and timely response to both planned and unexpected vacancies.


By implementing the Multi-Level Succession Planning processes, your organization will:

  • Develop a designated pool of high-quality candidates for critical positions.
  • Actively minimize the risk and cost of turnover.
  • Insure itself against costly disruptions should critical talent leave your organization.
  • Build the capability and retention of your most valuable talent.
  • Provide opportunities and incentives for you best talent to remain loyal.
  • Have a significant advantage over your less prepared competitors.


Multi-Level Succession Planning consists of a six-step process, customized to the specific goals and talent needs of your organization. Delivery is both consultative and collaborative with senior leadership, resulting in very specific and detailed recommendations for ensuring talent continuity in your organization. Providing more than simple advice, we provide you with both a repeatable process and a comprehensive plan your organization will follow to ensure its continued success.

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Key Process Content

Download the process overview

• Analyze the organization’s mission, values, workforce data, strategic and near-term objectives, etc. to develop a strategy for succession planning.

• Establish metrics for assessing the impact and success of the succession planning process.

• Develop a succession planning candidate pool, including a readiness timetable and identification of individual skill strengths and development areas.

• Identify current and future required job competencies as well as on-the job experiences, special assignments, and other development initiatives.

• Facilitate candidate selection and readiness discussions.

• Design individual development plans (IDPs) for all candidates.

• Integrate the organization’s succession planning process with other human resources processes.