Leadership Development Series

Business Challenge

Companies are increasingly concerned about the impact their leaders have on the morale, retention, and productivity of their employees, particularly their high potentials.  In many cases, new leaders and those with technical backgrounds have never had a formal opportunity to learn effective leadership skills.  The results can be significant, with inexperienced leaders’ unintentionally increasing turnover, lowering morale, and reducing employee productivity.

Who will benefit?

The Leadership Development Series is suited for first-time leaders, leaders with a technical or staff background, as well as senior leaders (Directors and VPs) who would benefit from a formal leadership development experience.  It is ideally suited for organizations seeking to expand the capabilities of their leaders and managers through a practical, direct, and rigorous process.

The Focus

The Advisory Alliance’s Leadership Development Series is a field-tested development process that increases leaders’ ability and effectiveness in working with others.  It provides participants with an honest and frank view of themselves; the opportunity to build on their leadership strengths, and mitigate their potential weaknesses; and offers very specific recommendations and best practices to lead and manage direct reports more confidently and effectively.


By implementing the Leadership Development Series, your organization will:

  • Increase the leadership capabilities and performance of your leaders and managers so they become more strategic, more self-directed and self-managing.
  • Provide your leaders and managers with a candid forum to examine their leadership strengths and confront their potential liabilities.
  • Support and extend your leaders’ and managers’ ongoing development.
  • Extend your leaders’ and managers’ ability to lead and develop both individual employees and teams more effectively.
  • Reinforce the loyalty and retention of your high potentials.
  • Develop a core set of strategic skills that your leaders and managers will leverage throughout their leadership career.


Delivered in ½- and full-day sessions, The Advisory Alliance’s Leadership Development Series is typically delivered over several months, reflecting the capacity and pace of the organization.  For those requiring a more compressed format, a 2 – 3 day program is also available.

Learn More

For more information about the Leadership Development Series:

Key Series Content

Download the program overview

• The patented Leadership Versatility Index 360° feedback assessment for driving greater leadership insight and performance

• Group 360° feedback for highlighting and addressing group dynamics and performance

• Situational Leadership II: Ensuring your leaders and managers can confidently lead at all levels, with all employees

• Honest Conversations: Delivering high-impact feedback to correct and improve employee performance

• Effective coaching skills: Helping your employees turn their potential into reality

• Building a better bench: Talent & succession planning for a continuous internal supply of great employees

• The 5 essentials of a high-performing team: What leaders need to do to build great teams

• Strategic leadership projects: Using real work and challenges to grow your leaders’ capabilities

• 1-on-1 coaching for Leadership Development Series participants for increased candor about their leadership effectiveness, and jointly created solutions for their improved performance

• All programs are customized, and additional content may be added to address the unique needs of your organization.