High Potential Leadership Development Center

Business Challenge

We know that High Potentials seek challenge and continuous growth to maintain their career satisfaction.  As the economy improves, these highly marketable individuals are re-examining their career options.  Will your organization risk losing this talent and your investment in valuable human capital?  Or will you retain, develop and attract a highly motivated leadership talent pool?

Who will Benefit?

The High Potential Leadership Development Center is a powerful process for motivating, developing, and retaining High Potential leadership talent.

The Focus

The High Potential Leadership Development Center will enable your organization to 1) obtain a cross-functional view of High Potential leadership talent, and 2) generate actionable, developmental information about the organization’s talent pool.

Simultaneously, High Potential participants will receive 1) immediate feedback and development recommendations to strengthen their leadership capability and readiness, as well as 2) exceptional visibility with current leaders who can influence their future.

Each candidate’s feedback is summarized in a written report following the program for use in ongoing development planning.


By implementing the High Potential Leadership Development Center, your organization will:

  • Rigorously evaluate the potential of highly valued individuals
  • Support your succession planning efforts with specific information and details on targeted candidates
  • Provide your High Potentials with instant and actionable feedback for developing their leadership strengths and development areas
  • Tangibly demonstrate the organization’s commitment to your High Potentials’ future and development


The Advisory Alliance’s High Potential Leadership Development Center is conducted over 3 days for 4 to 8 High Potential participants per center.

Day 1 holds training for observers (client leaders/managers) in the morning, and participant interviews in the afternoon (conducted by our consultants).

On Day 2, participants go through a selected series of simulations (realistic leadership job events).  In the evening, our consultants and the observers consolidate their observations to determine results.

Day 3 is reserved for individual feedback sessions, and all participants leave with the knowledge of how they performed in the simulations, as well as insight into their strengths and development needs.

In several weeks, participants and their managers receive a detailed report, summarizing performance and development suggestions.

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Key Process Content

Download the process overview

• Challenging, fast-paced 3-day program

• Trains client managers/leaders as observers; so no need for extra outside time on their part.

• Working alongside our professional consultants, your managers/leaders will gain an excellent perspective on your HiPo talent pool.

• Focuses feedback on leadership skills related to business performance and accountability to strengthen HiPo participants’ leadership capability and readiness.

• Participants receive feedback after each activity throughout the program; includes a 1.5 hour individual live summary feedback session at the end.

• Efficient use of your time:  2 days total time for High Potentials; 1.5 days total for client leader/manager observers over the full 3-Day program.

• Developmental recommendations provided to participants during live feedback sessions as well as in written reports.

• Written Participant & Manager Reports provided following the conclusion of the program.

• All programs are tailored to address the unique needs of your organization.