Executive Coaching for Key Leaders

Business Challenge

Today’s leaders and managers must be both strategically adept as well as operationally effective and efficient.  This requires them to:

  • Translate the company’s strategy into specific actionable priorities for their team;
  • Use these priorities to determine how best to lead and motivate their employees; and
  • Ensure their people consistently execute against their strategic priorities and objectives.

Who will Benefit?

Executive Coaching for Key Leaders is designed for mid- to senior-level leaders in critical roles, as well as for emerging high potential managers, who are responsible for critical areas and operations of the business or organization.

The Focus

Executive Coaching for Key Leaders is a customized coaching process that challenges participants to think and lead more strategically & effectively. Our approach gives leaders the information, feedback, self-insight, and opportunity to implement this enhanced leadership perspective early in the coaching process. The program is tailor-made to ensure participants address relevant, real-world issues and challenges specific to your organization.


By taking part in The Advisory Alliance’s Executive Coaching for Key Leaders, participants will:

  • Develop the required leadership behaviors and mindset for greater success.
  • Acquire the knowledge and skills to lead more strategically.
  • Set and accomplish leadership objectives with specific, measurable outcomes.
  • Possess the tools and processes to further their leadership effectiveness.
  • Develop an attitude of self-management that drives sustained performance.


The Advisory Alliance’s Executive Coaching for Key Leaders is delivered as a multi-month process (from 4 to 12 months) to ensure sustained leadership development and impact. The process incorporates both personality and 360-feedback assessments upfront, as well as a post-program Progress 360 to measure and document leadership behavior change.

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Key Program Content

Download the Executive Coaching program overview

• Multi-month coaching process (4 to 12 months).

• Bi-weekly or monthly coaching sessions.

• Individual, customized action plans for greater leadership focus and behavior change.

• Thorough leadership personality assessment of values, strengths, and risk factors.

• Patented and comprehensive 360° feedback process and individual report.

• 1-on-1 feedback report debriefs for uncovering leadership strengths and vulnerabilities.

• Post-coaching program “Progress 360” to measure and confirm leadership behavior change and impact.

• Roll-up of feedback across all coachees for greater organizational insight into key leadership issues.

• Coordinated involvement of immediate superiors as well as skip-level leadership to drive and support behavior change.

• All coaching programs are customized, and additional content may be added to address the unique needs of your organization.