Communication Coaching

Business Challenge

In our media-saturated world, leaders and their organizations understand the impact and value of clearly communicating goals, values, benefits and brands across multiple platforms. From live speeches and keynote addresses to video communications, social media and email campaigns, delivering messages that, inform, inspire and motivate action is essential for organizational success.

Who will Benefit?

Our Communication Coaching and Scripting services are designed for mid- to senior-level leaders delivering keynote addresses and other critical communications to internal and external audiences, either live, on video or across digital platforms. This offering is also ideally suited for organizations that rely on story-telling to engage employees, customers and stakeholders, and showcase their brands, products, services and values in live and online settings.

The Focus

Our proprietary methods and tools apply proven principles to create communications that are authentic, personally relevant, emotionally resonant and reward audience engagement. We begin by identifying the primary elements of each communication: What is the story you want to tell? Who is your audience? What need or objective does this communication address? What communication medium best suits your objective? What “hooks” – factual, emotional, aspirational – will engage your audience? What combination of verbal and visual elements best suits this communication? How can we create a narrative that builds and sustains interest and drives action?

Key Content

  • Speaker coaching creates comfort and confidence before the camera and audiences of any size by showing how proper preparation, message structure and speaker authenticity – no matter how shy, confident or experienced the leader – are the most powerful factors in successful communications.
  • Speech and script writing to help the leader identify the most important story to be told and its supporting elements, which are then crafted into a narrative that applies proven techniques to deliver messages that excite, inform and inspire.
  • Speaker and brand ambassador training teaches leaders at all organizational levels the essential principles of dramatic story-telling that transform rote memorization into “edge of your seat” engagement.


By taking part in The Advisory Alliance’s Communication Coaching and Scripting services, your leaders will:

  • Possess the confidence, tools and messages to achieve their most important communication goals
  • Connect more effectively with internal audiences, clients, customers and consumers
  • Communicate and showcase your brand, products and services in more creative and effective ways to drive loyalty, commitment and engagement with every major audience
  • Develop coherent, compelling narratives that tell the story of your organization in a consistent, compelling manner


From individual speeches, keynotes, or script writing projects, to creative online campaigns, to story-telling workshops and individual and group speech coaching, we deliver a set of customized offerings built on your needs, goals and projects. We can also prepare a strategic analysis of your brand and communication objectives, and create a communication plan and set of deliverables to expand your leaders’ and organization’s reach, impact and influence.

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